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We invite you to browse our range of products, this is a small list of most purchased. We supply any requested devices at request.


Price : $ 150.00

8 Port Fast Ethernet 802.3at PoE, phone are power


Price : $ 99.00

Fanvil X3 Black
Simple Design, 1-line IP phone, Conferencing


Price : $ 199.00

6 SIP accounts programable BLF, PoE enabled


Price : $ 270.00

Grandstream Deal
Greandstream Phone Bundle. 1 GXP1628 & 2 GXP1610


Price : $ 130.00

GrandStream HT715
IP VoIP DECT base & single handset Expand upto 5


Price : $ 90.00

GrandStream GXP1610
1-line IP phone, 2 Concurrent Call, Conferencing


Price : $ 120.00

GrandStream GXP1628
3-line IP phone, 8 BLF keys, conferencing


Price : $ 199.99

Siemens C610A IP
Siemens DECT Solution, Base Station and 1 Handset


Price : $ 249.00

Yealink SIP-T42G
12 Line IP Phone, Dual Gigabit, 2.7" Backlit LCD Display, Op


Price : $ 165.00

Yealink SIP-T40P
3 Line, Dual 10/100, 2.3" LCD IP Phone Paper label free desi


Price : $ 199.99

Yealink W59P
DECT Solution including Base Station and 1 Handset


Price : $ 60.00

Yealink YHS32
A professional grade headset designed by Yealink

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What do I need ?

To utilize this service you will need to install the ATA, handset, patch cables and may need to configure network & router for service to work.

An internet service with a minimum of 64Kbps (codec G729 ) and up to 100Kbps (codec alaw/ulaw) per concurrent call is needed.
Utilising an existing internet connection applicable internet rates apply from your internet carrier.

Our service is fully compatible with the NBN.

Withtel use SIP protocol, designed to provide signalling and session management for voice and multimedia connections over packet-based networks.
Any SIP compatable device will work, our trained staff can help with any question you may have about configuration

If you have any questions our technical support or sales are available to answer any questions. Call our friendly staff now.

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How It Works

VoIP converts the voice signal into a digital signal that can travel over the Internet. Depending on the type of VoIP service, you can make a VoIP call from a computer or other internet enabled devices, a special VoIP phone, or a traditional phone with a digital adapter.Advantages

  • Lower costs

    VoIP services are cheaper than standard phone services, and in many cases, free to use. This is especially helpful for long-distance international calls.

  • Portability

    VoIP can be accessed anywhere you can access the internet. Ideal for users with high mobility.

  • Many features

    VoIP offers many features not commonly found in traditional phone: multi-party calling, call waiting/forwarding, caller ID, and caller ID blocking, to name a few.

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David Freeman - Programing